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Glass Polishing TD 1000Available in two models, Glass Polishing Machines TD 1000 & TD 500 from Cana International are used for cleaning and polishing purposes. Put the washed and humid glasses with slightly rotary up-and downward moves over the polishing brushes. The fine brushes dry and polish 1-2 glasses at the same time. Water stains, reams, limescales, mineral rests etc. are removed. The polished glasses shine in mirror finish. An installed heating prevents that the polishing brushes become too wet and leave reams on the glasses. When the glasses are already dry before you start to polish them, it is recommended to use the optical steam station.

Glass Polishing TD 500Cleaning of the Brushes:

The brushes are cleaned with max. 400C hot water and a slight detergent. Please do not use aggressive washing-up liquids or bleaches. After the cleaning the brushes should be dried at first with a clean cloth. Finally, you put the brushes on the glass polishing machine and let them dry by the machine on the highest temperature level.

Exchange of Filter:

At the bottom of glass polisher is a filter which should be cleaned regularly. For this purpose, please remove the plastic cover and take out the filtering cloth. Remove dust and dirt from it and put the filter back. Afterwards press plastic cover with filter back on the opening.


Technical Data TD 1000 TD 500
Dimensions (l x W x h) 59 x 32.5 x 45cm 38.5 x 26 x 45cm
Weight 21.5kg 13.5kg
Installed Load Max 250-1400W 150-700W


• Enormous time and labour savings

• Easy handling

• Polishing 2 glasses at the same time

• Reduction of glass breakages

• Can be used for all sorts of glass

• Washable polishing brushes in different sizes

• UVC lamp sterilizes the hot air

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