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Giving metal surfaces the shine they deserve

Apart from wood and stone, metals are the most ubiquitous building materials we have in use today. They are the most flexible materials to work with for daily use but can also add that touch of flair with their inimitable lustre and shine, lending an air of sophistication and quality if maintained properly. Nothing screams “luxury” like a property which has gold and silver embellishments!

On the flip-side, metals are also the most reactive materials that we use in our built spaces; they interact with their environment in a myriad of ways – getting oxidised and corroding, prone to scratches, an easy target for calciferous or lime scale deposits which discolour their surface and dull their shine. All of these make it essential to maintain them regularly.

As every housekeeper is aware, the look and finish of the metal surfaces, fittings and utensils is what can make or break the image of a truly upscale property. It is with this in mind that Buzil Rossari Pvt. Ltd is proud to highlight one of the most well regarded and effective products – Metapol G505.

Metapol G505 is a proprietary of Buzil Rossari that has proven immensely effective at providing an easy solution for cleaning and polishing metal surfaces with minimal effort and maximum results!

How it works

Typically, a metal is polished by eroding the oxide layer on the surface and using some mechanical or chemical action to level the surface in order to give it a typical shine. Most often, a soft polishing cloth is used to massage the surface of the metal and remove stray marks and blemishes that are the result of deposition or scratches.

Metapol works through a perfectly balanced blend of cleaning agents and microparticles that work in tandem to remove the finest dirt and scratches from your metal surface while restoring it’s shine as well. Simply apply a small quantity of Metapol onto your metal surface with a cloth (use a microfibre cloth for the best results) and spread it to form a thin layer. After waiting for a couple of minutes, the layer dries out and is ready for polishing. To polish, work the cloth in a circular motion, frequently changing the point of contact to avoid dirt build-up at one point.


• It provides an intensive cleaning action without the need for excessive manual effort
• It is skin compatible and material compatible with a wide variety of metals including copper, brass, aluminium, steel, chrome, iron and bronze
• It is suitable for use with surfaces that come in contact with food as well
• It not only cleans but also protects the treated surfaces and makes routine cleaning that little bit easier

Technical Specification
Appearance: Liquid Odour: Perfume pH-value: 9 – 10 Density (25 °C): 1.16 Dosages: Ready to use

• For cleaning heavily soiled and tarnished surfaces and materials.
• Especially suitable for stainless steel, nickel, brass, bronze, copper, chrome, aluminium and Eloxal
• Ideal for plastic, glass, ceramic and Ceran hobs
• Excellent results in areas handling foodstuffs

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