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Girbau India – Comprehensive solutions for all segments

Girbau has a wide range of equipment to meet the requirements of any segment and establishment, small or big. “We are looking forward to the Clean India Show to make our presence felt in the Indian market,” says Enric Saavedra, International Area Manager, Girbau.

Presence in India

Girbau has its presence globally in over 90 countries and has been operating successfully. India is a growing market and we have been present here for a long time through our distributors. With the establishment of Girbau India, our operations in this market would be more strategic and far reaching. While Girbau is a known name in India, we aim at reaching out to every market segment – hotels, hospitals and industries – through our direct presence.

We have a wide range of equipment for this market segment from a small washer extractor of 8kg to Continuous Batch Washer having aproduction capacity of more than 1200kg per hour. In order to provide customer-specific solutions and easy operations, we aim at understanding customer needs. In fact, the successful operation of coin-operated equipment at different campuses of Infosys has become popular and is generating a lot of enquiries. We see an encouraging start.

Any specific technology Girbau plans to promote in India?

India is a very price sensitive market, but at the same time there is a demand for the highest technology offerings with environment friendly equipment and with high energy savings. Our aim is to provide the best of the technology with cost-saving options to our customers. We are also working on the return on investment issue.

What are the various solutions available with Girbau to offer to the Indian market?

Indian customers today are dealing with multiple suppliers to meet their requirement. Not all solutions are available at one place. If some manufacturers/suppliers are offering small capacity washer extractors, some others offer high capacity washers. Most of the manufacturers in India do not produce ironing systems. Girbau manufacturers the entire range of laundry equipment at its factories in Spain and France. We even have different models in the same range. Be it hard mount washer extractors or soft mount energy efficient washers or even ironers for medium and small laundries, Girbau has products to meet any size of laundry establishment. Along with ironers for big industrial laundries, we can place CBW as well. Hence, we have a combination of solutions at one point to offer to our customers.

What is Girbau India planning to display at the Clean India Show?

Even though Girbau has been present in the Indian market, we consider ourselves a new player in the Indian market. Clean India Show will help us announce our direct presence to market players and customers. While we have solutions for every market segment, we will be displaying the washers range at the Clean India Show. We are looking forward to the Show.


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