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PM Modi’s Swacch Bharat has indeed made a mark in the minds of the young men in Lucknow.  Frustrated by the way women disappear into the woods to defecate, Prem Chand Sharma, 35, has constructed a toilet in his sister’s house in Rohini village in Nagpur. It was the brother’s Raksha Bhandhan gift to the sister. The toilet that has a geyser facility too and Sharma has made use of the municipal grant of Rs 12,000. The total cost for the toilet was Rs 92, 000. Sharma plans to go ahead and construct toilets for his other sisters and hopes that the scenario changes when his daughter grows up. Similarly, in Bhallon-ka-Guda village in Udaipur, seven brothers have signed a letter of commitment to construct toilets for their sisters in their homes by October 2. The brothers’ action has motivated others too to do the same.  


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