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Dingy or rusty gilt picture frames may be cleaned by simply washing them with a small sponge moistened with oil of turpentine or spirits of wine!

Take care –

  • The sponge does not become saturated
  • The sponge is damp and not soaking
  • To gently wipe off the dirt and rust
  • Not to wipe dry… Let the frames dry themselves

Another method to clean gilt frames:

Carefully dust the frame. Make a mixture of one ounce of baking soda and three egg whites. Beat well. Wash the frames with this mix.

How to clean an iron?

If the iron has a waxy residue on the plate:

  • Set the iron on the highest setting
  • Get a newspaper or brown paper bag and run the iron back and forth on the paper
  • Stop when the waxy residue is gone
  • Dip a rag or paper towel into ammonia and rub on the plate
  • Then, take a clean paper towel or clean rag, dip it in cold water
  • Rub this cloth over the plate, to remove and ammonia residue
  • If the iron plate has starch build-up, use a kitchen spray on the plate

While, cleaning the sole plate some of the Teflon coating comes off. To help make the iron glide more smoothly on cloth, first iron a few pieces of wax paper. Never ever immerse an iron or any electrical appliance in water!

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