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GCCI too extends support to Clean India Show

The Clean India Show has been drawing the attention of various industrial segments right from the hotel, hospital to manufacturing industries, port and government bodies. Being organized for the first time in Gujarat, the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industries has also extended support to the Clean India Show.

Speaking to Clean India Journal, President Rakesh Shah said that the industry needs to constantly remain sensitive towards environment conservation and pollution control. “In such a scenario, cleaning technologies provide a cost-effective option to ensure sustained growth while minimizing environmental impact and pollution. GCCI is glad to associate with this immensely useful initiative. I encourage all our members to participate in the Clean India Show 2014 and understand the fast developing Cleaning Technology industry.”

Appreciating the initiative of bringing Clean India Show to Ahmedabad, Dharmendra Joshi, Secretary General, added, “I am glad that Clean India Show 2014 is being organized at Ahmedabad. The show will give an opportunity to our members to learn about the latest cleaning technologies and waste management methods. It will prove to be very useful to Gujarat’s industries as they compete with global players.”


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