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GCA’s Sustainable Cleaning Practices

GCA Services Group, USA, was founded by a group of entrepreneurs with a goal of creating a nationwide network of building service contractors who would become the commercial cleaning industry’s leaders in sustainable cleaning. From the outset, the company was dedicated to cleaning for health and hygiene, that is, using cleaning products and processes that improves indoor air quality, safety and the environment.

Through its Custom Green programmeme, GCA offers its clients an opportunity to experience the well documented health, safety, hygiene, environmental, and financial benefits associated with sustainable cleaning practices. Custom Green is a partnership between GCA and its clients to develop customized, environment friendly, results-oriented cleaning programmes that meet clients’ specific goals and needs. In general, Custom Green is a combination of EPA procurement standards, several Green Seal-certified chemicals and products, and appropriate employee training on sustainable cleaning practices to provide clients with both a clean and healthy facility.

According to Lee, all of GCA’s clients benefit from some level of green cleaning and, thanks to ongoing input and education from GCA staff, many have implemented specific Custom Green programmes. “As we train GCA field and site managers on Custom Green and how to introduce our clients to Custom Green, we are seeing more and more of our clients signing on for their own customized programme,” he said. “The rate at which our clients are adopting the programmes is a clear indication that this type of programme was and is necessary.”

High Performance Demands

Lee also credits Tennant Company with the increasing adoption rate of its Custom Green programme. Historically, Tennant has offered cleaning products and technologies that help conserve water, decrease detergents, increase safety, improve air quality, and reduce noise; technologies such as FaST® Foam-Activated Scrubbing Technology, which uses 70% less water and requires 90% less detergent than traditional automated scrubbers, and ReadySpace® Technology, which uses 80% less water and leaves behind 90% less water than traditional extractors. And, historically, GCA has incorporated many Tennant products and technologies into its Custom Green programmes.

Since Tennant Company launched its ec-H2O technology, GCA has purchased numerous ec-H2O-equipped Tennant T3, T5, T7, 5700 or Nobles SS5 walk-behind automatic scrubbers for use at various client sites across the country. Lee added that there is one additional and very important benefit to ec-H2O that GCA is realizing. “When we approach our clients with a state-of-the-art, industry-changing, cost-saving, sustainable cleaning technology like ec-H2O, we are able to demonstrate to our clients that we are environmental stewards, that we work with industry partners who are environmental stewards, and that we can help them become environmental stewards, too,” said Lee. “In this way, Tennant Company has proven to be a valuable partner who provides us with products and solutions that are helping us grow our business.”

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