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Aarey Milk Colony, where the famous Film City, the five-star Palms Hotel, a golf club and an IT park are located, would leave any new visitor awe struck with the pristine greenery that still exists in a concrete jungle like Mumbai. But, only to be disillusioned with the grey blocks of garbage strewn across this green patch.

The worst among the blocks is the one that leads from Gate No.7, that is home to 500-odd families living in unhygienic and contaminated surroundings. This mini village on the way to Palms Hotel has been provided with a small garbage bin across the road. In the last three years, this bin has weathered changing seasons, attacks of stray dogs & pigs hunting for food and heat of the fire set by villagers to burn the overflowing garbage.

The garbage, which could be contained in an area of about 10 feet a year ago, today stretches over 30 metres and also serves as an open defecation ground. The small bin overlooking a pool of garbage stands with a big hole.

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