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Garbage effacement plans in Goa

The Goa government has taken several measures to make the state totally garbage-free by December 19, 2015. While the work for the garbage treatment plant at Calangute and Cacora will begin soon, the government is also considering putting up nets on all bridges in the State to prevent people from dumping their garbage into the river.

Citizens of Goa if found guilty for not doing segregation at source properly will now be penalised, thanks to the new rule made by the State Government. According to the new rule, it is the duty of the owner to collect and segregate the non-biodegradable garbage generated within their place and store it securely until it is handed over to the local authority. A member of the garbage collection team of the respective municipality will keep a track on the waste and inform the house owner if the biodegradable waste is not segregated.

The state department of science, technology and environment has begun a movement of educating the youth and creating awareness on garbage and students of about 90 schools are bringing the garbage from their homes to put into the bins near their schools. This segregated garbage is collected by the government and disposed off. These children are also taught to make cloth bags and use it instead of plastic.

In another news, GSPCB has approved setting up an air quality monitoring station to protect its ambiance in Panaji and accepted the plan to install a sewage treatment system and disposal by the Travel and Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG). Three hotels each in North Goa and in South Goa will be allowed to start the system on trial and after its success, a decision to continue the system will be taken.

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