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Model: Galileo Microfiber String Mop (Microfiber Tube Mop)

• Commercial grade industrial mop
• Superior absorbency and release.
• Tube shape reduces drag effectively.
• More durable and effective than traditional cotton string mops.
• Mop stripes are sewn into individual tubes which last longer in the laundering process, and still provide the improved cleaning effectiveness of microfiber
• Mop head can be used with standard clamp mop pole/ handle systems
• Available in three colours
• Has faster drying and streak free floor
• Absorbs more water and cleans in 1/3 the time required for regular mops
• Does not fall apart or frizz like a traditional cotton string mop
• Good at cleaning up spills as well as maintaining floors
• Can be used in fastfood joints, restaurants, grocery and convenience stores, kitchens or anywhere
• One of the most effective industrial floor mops
• Can be used on rough floors like concrete

Model: Galileo Dirt Picker

• Multi-utility pick-up tool available in 50cm length and 90cm length. This extends reach by 3’, reduces need for ladders or bending and avoids risk of injury to people with limited mobility
• Different sizes for different purposes and different personnel
• Made of single piece strong Aluminum light weight rod rubberized ergonomic grip and rubberized jaws for easy pick-up of objects
• Slim stick profile helps reach between the wall and furniture
• Can be used both indoors and outdoors
• Is made out of heavy-duty aluminum and is rust-proof and can be used for any job from fallen leaves to debris in pond or fountain without any damage.
• Ideal for the physically disabled

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