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Furniture Polish & Marboline

Furniture PolishFurniture Polish Maintainer, FP from Revachem is an excellent formulation for maintaining polish and expensive furniture. It is a white emulsion. FP enhances the gloss and forms an antistatic film. FP can also be applied on polished metal surfaces to extend tarnishing period of the metal.

Ready to use.

Direction of use
Apply FP on the area to be polished with sponge or cloth. Buff using a lint free cotton. See the sparkling on the surface.

Appearance : White milky
Odour : Perfumed
pH : NA
Viscosity : Watery
Specific Gravity : 0.98 to 1.01

Perfumed Floor & Hard Surface CleanerPerfumed Floor & Hard Surface Cleaner
• Marbolin is a perfumed floor and hard surface cleaner. It is free from any harsh chemicals such as bleach and abrasives etc. And, hence can be safely used on any delicate surfaces, including marble & granite.
• Excellent cleaning property.
• Pleasant fragrance.
• Safe on any delicate surfaces like marble and granite.

10-20 ml/lt of water for normal soiling.
30-40 ml/lt of water for heavy soiling.

Direction of use
Make a solution of required dilution. Apply or spray on the surface to be cleaned. Wipe and using lint free cloth or in case of floor can be used for mopping. Marbolin can also be used for scrubbing application.

Colour : Green coloured liquid
Odour : Perfumed
pH : 6.5 – 8
Solubility : Complete
Specific Gravity : <1.01

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