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Fully Indigenous BioWiz Bio Reactor

Praj Hi Purity Systems (formerly Neela Systems Ltd) has recently introduced BioWiz Bio Reactor with advanced value added services, from concept to commissioning to address process requirements following stringent global regulatory standards. The Bio reactor is fully automated, 100% indigenous BioWiz series of in situ, sterilizable Fermenter/ Bioreactor. Unlike other fermenters which take 2-3 days in installation, it is a ready to install machine.

Speaking to Clean India Journal, Bhupeshkumar Patil, DGM-BU-High Purity – Bio Process, Praj HiPurity Systems, said, “The BioWiz Bio Reactor is based on the fermentation process carried out by mammalian cells, unlike a fermenter that involves microbial cells. The catalogue product is of 50 litre capacity.

“A fully automated machine having inbuilt 19-20 process sequences, it is specifically designed to meet bio-tech/bio-pharma industrial requirements. Being a user, we have already used all the fermenters that are available in the market, and after keenly studying their pros & cones, designed, developed and built an entire machine to meet the requirement.

”With inbuilt safety considerations for all the aspects and PLC SCADA based automation with options of fully automatic or semi-automatic operations, themachine is designed to save the batches. For every step, there is a secondary and tertiary redundancy. One only needs to select the sequence and run the batch and start complex bio-processes.

“It took 250 working days to develop the machine. We have considered all the minute details to make it user friendly. With no entrance, no streamline coming on way – ensuring the top safety measures – we have given the system a 360o access. One can access and monitor the system remotely, for e.g. the machine installed in Malaysia can be remotely accessed, monitored and controlled from here. Not only that, if anything happens, it can also be troubleshooted right from here,” said Bhupesh.

As a catalogue product, the Bio reactor can process 5L to 50L. Above 50L, customised solution will be provided as per demand, be it fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual. This can be aptly usedin Bio-tech or biopharma industry applications such as in the development of vaccines, monochrome antibodies.

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