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Full size scrubber-dryer with flexibility of flat mop

I team - imop

Used for cleaning, scrubbing and drying, all-in-one

I Team Global’s I Mop Family: Features:
  • More cleaning power than any auto scrubber in its class
  • Tight turning radius means you can clean where no auto-scrubber can go. Leaves floors dry and safe.
imop Lite
  • Lightweight and small profile, can easily be carried up the stairs and microspaces.
  • Greater mobility.
  • Easy storage.
 i-mop XL
  • No slip hazards, more run time.
  • Better performance than any other auto-scrubber by its higher RPM
i-mop XXL
  • Higher capacity to clean.
  • Clean large floor areas faster.
  • Easy to fill, clean and empty over sink
  • Easy transport
IMOP XL and XXL variants come with customizable pad brush, regular brush and squeegee blades.
Product imop Lite i-mop XL i-mop XXL
Application Indoor, Hard Surfaces Indoor, Hard Surfaces Indoor, Hard Surfaces
Theoretical Performance Upto 1400 meter sq. per hour Upto 1800 meter sq. per hour Upto 2300 meter sq. per hour
Brush Pressure 500 rpm 350 rpm 350 rpm
Operation Width 37 cm 46 cm 63 cm
Weight with Battery 13.2 kg 18.5 kg 21 kg
Clean water Tank 3 litres 4 litres 5 litres
Recovery Tank 3 to max 5 litres 4 to max 8 litres 5 to max 8 litres
Charge Time 150 min 45 min 45 min
Run Time 50 min 90~100 min 60~70 min
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