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From manual tools to advanced machine: How one woman rose up the ranks

In a story different from any other, we narrate the tale of a ground-level Forbes Facility Services employee whose professional life embodies the values of the company itself.

This is the story of how a woman from a less than privileged background transcended her circumstances to become a formally employed person with a career trajectory that has seen consistent growth. This is also the story of how her employer eased her into the profession, recognised her worth and hand-held her to rise up the ranks.

Facility management companies are led by highly qualified people and tech experts who are the face of the company to the world at large. But to a client, it is the people on the ground who are the face of the company. Here is one such unknown, uncelebrated face, whose prowess at work has spoken for itself.

Before Forbes Facility Services took over a facility in Mohali, Punjab almost nine years ago, it was being managed by 46 workers. When the new service provider came into the picture, this number came down to a little over half; 29 housekeeping staff were enough to meet the needs of the entire facility. Despite the evolving needs of manufacturing facilities, this number remains stable.

It is because of dedicated workers like Paramjit Kaur that such efficiency has been achievable.

Seven years ago, Paramjit hadn’t even heard of the facilities management industry. Until one day, some of her relatives, who also worked with Forbes Facility Services, told her about the work.

“My children were growing up, and I felt it would be good for me to take up a job”, said Paramjit. Seven Marches ago, she began her career, and has come a long way since.

Initially, as an absolute fresher, she only used a floor mop, sweeping and swabbing the floor for four years. Over time, she became aware of cleaning chemicals and sophisticated machines. While on the job, she was presented with opportunities to upskill herself. How? Because every fortnight, her company organises training sessions on different subjects like machines, chemicals and consumables.

Today, the work day for Paramjit looks very different. No longer does she use manual tools; instead, you will find her operating a ride-on scrubber with confidence and ease. She has excelled so much at her job that a client even rewarded her for her good work.

“I am very happy with my work”, said Paramjit. “My household is running smoothly because of my job. My three children are studying and will be properly educated; this is a huge relief for me. Initially, my dream was to just get a job; now, I am living out my dream”.

She is content with what she is doing but has left the door open for more growth: “If the company feels I am capable, I will be grateful for more opportunities.” With her dedication and her employer’s attitude towards encouraging excellence, we are sure there is more in store for her.

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