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Freudenberg Group sustains success in India

Marking the completion of 165th year, Freudenberg Group-parent company of Vileda Professional, a professional cleaning solution provider, reported a record global sales for the fourth year in succession, totalling approximately €6,622.5 million, (2012: €6,321.7 million).

Speaking at a recent press conference in Bangalore, Dr. Jorg Matthias Grossmann, Regional Representative India of the Freudenberg Group and Chief Financial Officer of Freudenberg Chemical Specialities said, “We are investing steadily in this key market to which we are committed in the long term. The solid development of Freudenberg Group companies in India will have a sustainable positive impact on the entire group in the long run.A dedicated innovation culture is one essential cornerstone of the Freudenberg values and principles. In 2013, the group invested Rs. 1,934 crore into R&D aiming to foster its innovative potential. Freudenberg companies in India have proven to be highly valued sources for innovation.”

Although the ‘No Dust Broom’ is a household application, it illustrates just how much difference innovation can make. Indian specialists from Freudenberg Gala Household Products developed this new cleaning tool specifically for the Indian market in cooperation with German and Italian teams. More than 250 million households in India use brooms made from natural grass to sweep floors. Since these brooms tend to lose grass seeds, causing fine particles to spread, engineers developed synthetic substitutes, copying bionic principles but with an improved performance.


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