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Friday , 28 February 2020
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Fragrance Delivery

Vectair Systems distributed by Excel International, has launched Airloop that delivers fragrance up to 30 days for toilet bowls and the surrounding area.


• Firm and flexible fit – Due to the innovative design of the clip and the flexible EVA material, fits almost any size or shape of toilet bowl and has a firm hold when positioned outside the toilet bowl
• Clip and go, clip and throw – It clips to the toilet bowl tightly and is fully recyclable without any disposal issues
• Flush safe, limit blockages – The design makes it difficult to flush and limits the chance of toilet blockages
• Eco-minded and cost effective – Fully recyclable, with no disposal issues and can be a cost effective solution if budgets are of primary concern
• Multi-purpose and versatile – Can be placed onto a variety of objects such as desks, cupboards, table edges and gym equipment


Material: Flexible EVA
Recyclable: 100%
Case pack: x 10 per case
Fragrance longevity: Up to 30 days
Approx weight: 43g/1.5oz


Citrus Mango: A fruity cocktail with a burst of citrus peel and juicy berries
Linen Breeze: A clean linen fragrance that creates an uplifting atmosphere
Marine Musk: A musky aquatic wave with citrus, rose, jasmine lavender & coumarin

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