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Fragrance Concentrates

Typically, hotel & Industrial laundry managers have complained about not having freshness on their laundered clothes due to high temperature processing and the wear and tear associated with tumble dryers. Tanishka Products, an international pioneer in microencapsulated actives recently introduced fragrance concentrate, MicroFresh® Concentrate Fragrance 10XT to ameliorate the complains of hotel and industrial laundry sector.

MicroFresh® Concentrate Fragrance 10XT is a revolutionary concept that can be used with or without combining with softener actives to provide long lasting heat stable freshness on laundred clothes. These fragrances are tumble dryer stable and remain for two weeks of laundering of clothes.


  • Effective on all types of fabrics and can be used with or without any type of softener

  • Provides charge & detergent neutralization in bulky and textured items like Bath Towels, Bedsheets, comforters, and headrests.

  • Provides sanitization and mild antibacterial action (depending upon product variant selected)

  • Keep on giving bursts of fragrance to the consumer during use of bedsheets, pillowcases, towels through its technique of heat resistant micro capsules releasing their contents with friction.


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