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Forging alone consumes over 30 million cotton gloves!

Going by the consumption pattern, the Indian forging industry which has a workforce of around 200,000, would alone consume more than 30 million cotton gloves per annum. Speaking to Clean India Journal, Mukund Mavalankar, Director-Technical, Bharat Forge Limited, Pune, said, “Cotton gloves provide better grip, as we deal with metal. In areas where chemicals are involved, we provide the workers latex gloves.” Bharat Forge provides three cotton knitted gloves per week per worker. Hence, one unit with 350 workers (three shifts) consumes around 54,600 pairs of gloves per annum.

Gloves ensure the safety and hygiene aspects. Cotton seamless knitted gloves made from natural cotton have over locked edges and are elasticized at the bottom for covering the wrists. The gloves are available in various sizes and thickness, as per the industry specific requirements.


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