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The recent floods in Chennai had created a gamut of problems. The water stagnation has resulted in mosquito invasion and health issues. The citizens fear that the approaching summer will bring with it another set of problems, including water shortage.

Exnora International and its various affiliations, specifically Neer Exnora, have been taking proactive measures to mitigate the water problem. Neer Exnora has formed more than 50 chapters to protect, preserve and rejuvenate water bodies. Another New Year initiative by Civic Exnoras and Residents’ Welfare Associations is the launch of “WaTear” (Pronounced as Water) symbolising the tears caused because of non-availability of drinking water, poor quality water and flooding. “Tear also relates to contaminated water tearing off our stomach and flood water tearing off our personal belongings and homes,” says M.B. Nirmal, Founder of Exnora.

WaTear activity will have the following five objectives:

  • People get sufficient quantity of water
  • Quality of water is good
  • There is no stagnation or flooding of rain water
  • There is no stagnation of sewage
  • There is no mosquito breeding due to water stagnation

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