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Food Particles Strainer from Care Enviro Solutions is a made in India product designed & developed to prevent up to 98% of food waste entering the drains in a commercial kitchen.


Standalone Product
•    Unique design to collect food debries.
•    Made from stainless steel for long term durability
•    Situated beneath the rinse sinks/pot wash/spray wash sinks
•    Directly plumbed into kitchen drainage so cannot be by passed by operator
•    Upto 11lt capacity
•    Simple design, food waste is collected in a drawer, which can be quickly emptied and cleaned
•    Capable of removing 1000kg p.a of food waste from a single post wash sink
•    Allows more food waste to be collected for composting or digestion for energy generation
•    Reduces foul odours in working kitchens
•    Reduces reactive maintenance costs as the requirement to clear blocked drains is reduced
•    Reduces both reactive and planned maintenance cost related to pump stations

•    A daily cleaning of the strainer drawer is generally all that is needed.
•    Busier sites may need more frequent emptying
Additional Options
•    Can be used in conjunction with the Grease Grazer, biological dosing system to resolve any remaining grease related issue.
•    Every Kitchen
•    Areas where clogged drains are an issue
•    Sites with sensitive downstream assets e.g. pump stations or effluent treatment plants

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