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Food, Hygiene & Flights

Pest Control

FormPest control service is contracted to Rentokil Initial to carry out complete pest control activity in the unit under the supervision of QA Manager. The trained staff has been employed by the agency on daily basis. The Rentokil supervisor discusses the performance with QA Manager on a weekly basis. The daily service is recorded by the technician and is verified by the QA Manager.

The pest control chemicals are brought into the unit in sealed containers, cross checked with the approved pesticide list (APL) by the quality assurance representative and stored in the cupboard located outside the main building under lock and key.

As and when the fumigation is to be carried out, the required chemical is taken out and diluted as per the directions mentioned in the contract by the technician. These diluted chemicals are poured in spray pumps and these pumps are carried inside the unit.

There is a set schedule for spraying in the emptied food processing/handling area, drain holes inside and out the unit and fogging in external area.

Cleaning Raw material

“We use Ecolab cleaning solution for airline dish washing and Diversey chemicals for cleaning of food contact surfaces/ kitchen pot washing raw material. For sanitizing, we resort to steam and sodium hypochlorite solution.

While all procedures are in place, it is only through constant monitoring, regular training and auditing that hygienic food processing, preparation and delivery are possible.

Inputs from Vijayalakshmi Sridhar


The flight kitchen is like a military regiment, that rolls with rules and regulations. The stringency starts from maintaining a sterile atmosphere and thrives on functional modalities, technicalities and logistics. Precision, hygiene and sanitation play a predominant and all-encopassing role in delivering the prepared meals. Clean India Journal takes a peek.AIR CATERES are striving to go that extra mile to move the bar up in terms of giving quality food. And yet, the variables are too many to handle. Flight food gets cooked, assembled, chilled, transported, reheated and regenerated, and hence are subjected to high altitude, pressure and less humidity…

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