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Fonzo Equipment Pvt. Ltd Upgrading Standards with New Solutions

[box type=”shadow” ]Fonzo Equipment Pvt Ltd is a fast-growing cleaning and hygiene company headquartered in New Delhi. The young company started last year and has introduced world class cleaning and hygiene products under the brand name Fonzo. C.K. Singh, Managing Director shares his plans with Clean India Journal.[/box]

Majorly dealing with cleaning machines, tools, chemicals and other products produced in different locations across the world, Fonzo Equipment Pvt. Ltd has established its sales & service team at several locations, including Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Kolkata and other areas. “With 22 people working with Fonzo, we presently have a distributor network comprising 28 cities in India. and a manpower of 22.”

Cost-effective and quality-assuring products have always been in demand where cleaning is concerned. “It is important to provide the market with products of the next level. At Fonzo, we are engaged in providing hygiene and cleaning solutions that will give sectors like hospitals, railways, hotels, industries and government institutions an upgraded cleaning experience. What we supply are much more pocket-friendly cost wise.”

Fonzo, which targets both professional and household segments, has an expanded range of products to meet hygiene requirements. “I have had successful experiences at the Clean India shows previously and this is the first time we will be showcasing under the Fonzo banner. Fonzo as a company is not only focussed on selling its products, but also on the upgradation of the cleaning and hygiene sector in the Indian economy.

“Through Clean India Show, Fonzo would like to showcase its ability to make India Swachh through its various ranges of quality products. We would also like to attract individuals to join the Clean India campaign and generate income from it.”

There are many brands in the market but, “Fonzo is different in terms of quality which matches international standards”. It deals in customising products according to the Indian norms and requirements. It provides the best service support at the clients’ doorstep. “The products are long lasting and ecofriendly. The pricing strategy ranges from low to high depending upon the requirement and budgetary constraints of the client. In short, we serve the best even at the lowest prices.

“In order to reach out to a wider client base, our marketing strategy is designed to form a large distributor network throughout India. The distributors are selected keeping in mind the vision of the company. The manpower is highly professional and market specialist. The company follows the AIDA model (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action) for its marketing strategy. Our expansion plans include creating a manpower of approximately 50 throughout India and opening company’s offices in the metro cities. We are planning to expand our business in India’s boundaries by 2019.”

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