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The Environmental Biotech bacterial FOG (fats, oils and grease) removal system, which uses live vegetative bacteria to consume the fats, oils and grease in drain lines, has been approved by the Food Service Establishments in Dublin.

This system enables commercial kitchens to minimise FOG waste getting into the city drain systems. The problem with many municipal drainage systems is the high levels of FOG sluiced down the sink from commercial catering establishments such as restaurants, canteens, fast-food outlets, hotels, supermarkets and food processing facilities. The various elements of FOG combine to form solids that block pipe-work and clog up pumping stations.

The non-carcinogenic Environmental Biotech system introduces live bacteria into the drainage network that simply consume and digest the fat and are carried away as the water flows. Eventually the micro-organisms die and are dissolved, eliminating the fat from the system. Free flowing drains protect health and avoid expensive clean-ups following flooding.


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