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Different sectors, Varied requirements End-user Perspective

Since October 2005, Clean India Journal has been spreading awareness about scientific cleaning solutions required in different industries. All through the 99 issues, the magazine has covered more than 25 industrial segments, focusing on their cleaning requirements & solutions right from the office premises to the production units. In this 100th issue, Clean India Journal is revisiting some of these segments and carrying the views of their cleaning methods and challenges.

In the initial issues, the focus was largely on the hospitality and healthcare sectors, as the requirement was much higher and hence, the awareness level was much more. However, through interactions, seminars, field visits and reports, the need for specialized and mechanized cleaning solutions at the manufacturing and corporate levels came to the fore. Clean India Journal has successfully opened up newer market segments with information about innovative industrial cleaning solutions.

At this juncture even though Clean India Journal is widely read, we have only touched the tip of the iceberg and there is a long way to go before the science of cleaning becomes a way of life in every sector or segment. Speaking to some of the big and small companies from different industry and government segments in this issue, Clean India Journal finds that not only the awareness levels have increased but the acceptance and need for professional cleaning services, innovative cleaning technology and even maintenance of hygiene standards is fast becoming a norm in industries.

A common thread in all these segments has been the issues of shortage of skilled manpower, training, need for outsourcing and the realization that cleaning comes at a cost below which standards cannot be met.

Down the memory lane…

Clean India Journal has reached a landmark – 100 issues. I was privileged to write two pieces: “Improving students’ perspective of restrooms” (11/2007) and “A memorable visit” 1/2008, while a Clean India Journal writer penned an earlier piece about Project CLEAN (10/2006).

The Indian magazine consistently produces useful articles, thoughtful industry content, and first-class graphics. Following my experiences at the World Toilet Summit, visiting schools in Mumbai sponsored by Clean India Journal, and my training in Delhi, plus my unforgettable rides on the toy train to Shimla, I have often said that I would return to India in a heartbeat.

Clean India Journal is the reason I have this hope, since its generous staff allowed me to record those unforgettable moments for which I am forever indebted.

May Clean India Journal continue for decades to come as Indian students and adults make sanitation strides. Project CLEAN stands ready to assist any way, any time.

Dr Tom Keating, Coordinator-Project CLEAN and an expert in school restroom hygiene

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