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FM package for the packaging industry

The growth of the e-commerce sector, which has been exponential in recent years, has spurred the simultaneous growth of the packaging sector. From giant flat-screen TVs to a pair of earrings, everything needs to be safely stowed into the appropriate form of packaging before being shipped off to customers.

Most consumers do not pay attention to the material of the delivered package before ripping it open; it’s quality is taken for granted. However, should it be of inferior quality, the product being shipped inside it risks being damaged, or even stolen, during transit.

Increasingly, e-commerce and FMCG companies are becoming particular about the kind of packaging they use. All eyes are now turned to safeguarding the integrity of the packaging manufacturing process: the shop floor conditions, humidity, temperature and more.

As this not-so-glamorous but very essential sector continues to grow, packaging companies and facility managers will need to work together to tightly control conditions at the manufacturing facility. The owner of such a facility and a service provider share their take on what is needed, and how these needs can be met.

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