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Vishal Sharma, National Head, Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Property Solutions India Pvt Ltd (PSIPL)

What importance does an FM app accessed through a mobile phone have in the performance of a housekeeping supervisor? How does it improve response time to complaints? Vishal Sharma, National Head, Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Property Solutions India Pvt Ltd (PSIPL) has the answers.

Digitised Checklist Management

PSIPL uses a standard QR code-based checklist for washroom housekeeping, which is customised for a particular location or asset. These QR codes offer quicker supervisory turnaround and real-time reports to many users at the same time.

An automated ticket logging system for all low score feedback captured, instantaneously enables action at the time of the feedback. A standalone non-intrusive app-based feedback capturing system helps us deliver this unique service.

Using this system, an experience in a washroom, café, conference room etc. can be objectively assessed based on the feedback received from users. A QR scan or a tab can be used to help users log in their experience level. A negative score is registered as a ticket for action, which is directly intimated to the delivery team through handheld devices.

Instead of taking a circuitous route of monthly reviews and futile action plans, the complaint is immediately attended to, and objective data for that location is logged and shared as a scale-based rating.


On-the-ground reality

FM digitisation starts at the supervisory level at any location, for both soft and hard services. The aim should be to enable even the line level to use the digital phone-based app for service delivery and checklist management. However, the relative lack of infrastructure support in the form of a handheld device and a data network can be a hindrance.

Digitisation increases the efficiency of supervision. This can help us improve the supervisor ratio to a new optimal level.

Multiple services, single app

Large establishments with multi-locational expanse seek a single aggregator partner to manage all of the non-core and near-core services they require. From space management to digital payments in cafeterias, visitor, asset and vendor management to fire safety compliance and MEP issues, our single proprietary software serves as the interface. Our FM software is an integral, non-optional part of our services.

It also monitors assets across multiple locations. Critical aspects like power backup for a client at multiple sites all over the country can be tracked centrally; each location will have its own checklist for maintenance, with the central team as well as vendors seamlessly mapped on to the app.

Digitalised FM = Business continuity

If something breaks down, digitisation provides the client with the agility to log complaints by simply scanning a code, which immediately alerts the respective vendor. Our IoT-based solution displays information about power outages, voltage spikes, power backup data and even the diesel level in generators, at one’s fingertips.

The service model in such cases is hinged on the business uptime of a client’s business at a particular location. We aim to offer our clients 99.99% uptime of its branches, sites, stores and plants, which aligns with their larger business goals.

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