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Monday , 20 January 2020
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Floor polishing Pad

Soma Specialities Pvt. Ltd, Using the latest FERRZON+ technology, KGS FLEXIS pads offers floor polishing for housekeeping professionals. In just a few steps, the floors can be cleaned without using any harmful and toxic chemicals on the floors. The Pads come from Grit #400, #800, #1500, #3000 and #8000 for highest quality of shine. The mirror finish produced on the floors is absolutely natural. The KGS Flexis Pads achieve results in minimum number of passes thereby increasing efficiency, reducing costs and producing the most unbelievable results. The Flexis pads are available in 17” and can be easily fixed on the pad driver discs of any single disc scrubbers or scrubber dryers. The Flexis pads can be used on marble, terrazzo, granite, concrete, ceramic tiles, vinyl, plastic, linoleum, epoxy and acrylic floors. As no chemicals are involved, there is no risk of slippage which makes it safe to use.

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