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Alpha Products’ MARBINOL- EXTRA A7 is a fragrant and effective floor cleaner for all types of surfaces. It can be used for wet mopping, scrubbing with the machine. It can also be used to wash banquet halls. It is neutral in nature and available in five litre packs.

Directions for use (Aqueous)

• Dilution ratio: 20ml/lt

• Heavy soiling: 50ml/lt

• Use concentrate to remove stains and grease.


MARBINOL- PLUS is a concentrated liquid detergent and can be used for removing soil from the floor. It is very effective in removing oil, grease, and dirt from various surfaces. It is slightly alkaline and available in five litre packs.


MARBINOL- PLUS can be used to mop floors on regular basis. It can be used to clean floors in factories, garages, workshops, restaurants, hotels, offices etc.

Directions for use (Aqueous)

• Normal soiling: 20ml/lt

• Heavy soiling: 40-50ml/lt

• Can be used directly to remove oil and stains. Useful when used with a scrubbing machine/automatic scrubber-driers.

Being made for external use, gloves are recommended for sensitive skin. In case of contact with eyes, it is advised to rinse with plenty of water and seek medical advice for both the products.


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