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ARCORA International GmbH’s Tenas Floor with environment-friendly polymers can be used as a deep-, intensive-, surface- and multipurpose cleaner. The product is free of hazardous substances and 100% environmentally friendly. It quickly and reliably removes all types of grease, oil, soot and other dirt from all types of surfaces.

The Encapsulation System ensures that the dirt is broken through, bound, encapsulated and absorbed. A cleaner for industry, trade, food industry, gastronomy and agriculture that is environmentally friendly.

A versatile cleaner, which can even be used for cleaning roofs, greenhouses, winter gardens, truck tarpaulins or for cleaning vehicles, both inside and outside.

Features: It removes stubborn stains such as mineral oil, grease, protein oil etc. on any surface. It is dermatologically harmless, gentle on materials and ADR-, VOC-, GMO-, EDTA-free.


• It can be used for both manual and mechanical cleaning
• It protects the machine and enhances its service life as the product is absolutely corrosionfree
• It is safe for humans and nature, so it can be used without gloves
• No defoamer is necessary when using the product, as the foam disintegrates immediately
• Due to its wide range of applications, it saves time, money and space pollutant- and wastefree

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