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Floor Care Solutions for Automotive Industry Increase Productivity at Lower Costs

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From walk-behind scrubber-dryers and sweepers to larger ride-on machines and outdoor equipment, there are a wide range of machines for total floor care in both light and heavy manufacturing. Sumeet Bansal, DGM: Marketing & Sales – Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Co., shares information about new technologies in floor care for the auto and ancillary industries.


Image, Efficiency and Safety are the keys to maintaining a productive automotive operation. From enhancing the image of the production and keeping the service areas safe, floor care equipment are so designed to stand up to the harshest and handle the most delicate environment. Tennant machines, for example, are suitable for rough applications particularly forging, casting, auto and auto ancillary industry.

The automobile sector with large manufacturing facilities and warehouses has extensive movement of material handling equipment. These facilities require large machines which can clean faster and better with less number of tank fills. The patented technology like ecH2O-NanoClean patented technology helps to save 70% water and eliminates usage, procurement and storage of chemicals. Thus, such machines help to provide safe floors by preserving critical resources such as water and increases image of the company by providing green solutions.

Cylindrical brushes on large ride on scrubbers eliminate pre-sweep and thus, have the capability to sweep and scrub simultaneously, with specific focus towards paint shop. The integrated Sweeper cum Scrubber is a work horse which can pick up large debris and scrub stubborn greasy floors in a single pass. This saves labour and helps to have extended life of floors.

Tennant now also offers Fleet management system “The IRIS® Asset Manager technology” to fleet managers, providing them with 24/7 access to detailed data on Key Performance Indicators across the entire fleet — as well as critical email alerts to the fleet manager for emergent issues.

This advanced fleet management system helps companies to

  • Identify opportunities – It helps to identify if Tennant machines are being used to its full potential.
  • Optimize performance – It helps to identify requirements of training and best practices required.
  • Redeploy underutilized assets – Company can identify and redeploy machines to other sites to make full justice to Capex.

Reduce Cost to Clean

Drive proper equipment usage to increase efficiency and minimize equipment and operational costs.

  • Reduce equipment costs – Track service information with Service Reporter to identify misuse, abuse and user error, and provide additional training to extend equipment life
  • Reduce battery costs – Optimize battery maintenance and charging behaviours with Battery Charging Metrics to extend battery life, minimize downtime and reduce battery replacement costs.
  • Minimize lost asset — Receive and act upon alerts when machine location changes
  • Realize ec-H2O™ savings – Ensure that Tennant machines equipped with ec-H2O NanoClean® technology are consistently using the technology to maximize the cost savings

Ensure Consistency

See the entire fleet at a glance and view detailed metrics to ensure every site and every machine cleans consistently

  • Identify underperforming sites and machines. View and compare machine usage by site or by machine to identify those that may not consistently meet all cleaning requirements
  • Ensure optimal technology usage. Identify Tennant machines equipped with ec-H2O and ec- H2O NanoClean technology that may not be consistently using the technology

Make Informed Decisions

Get anytime, anywhere access to the insights you need to make smart fleet management decisions.

  • Act faster. Take an action on critical fleet issues faster with critical alerts delivered via email.
  • Right-size your fleet. Identify machines that are under or overutilized by using usage data to forecast future equipment needs.
  • Make budgeting easy and accurate. Review maintenance spending data via Service Reporter to forecast your future maintenance budget
  • Demonstrate cleaning performance. Provide proofof- performance data to key stakeholders and demonstrate measurable improvements in cleaning consistency and efficiency

Tennant machines are available on Rental basis from Godrej which has an experience of operating Rental fleet for more than 10 years with 98% deployment and 99% uptime across the country.

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