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Floor care machines for heavy industries

Designed for safety and reliability

Product Code: CIJ 9/18-1329
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The Comac range of C Series Machines can take care of most challenging or heavily soiled floors. The shop floors in heavy industries like automotives, cement, steel and power have heavy movement of material handling equipment and trucks inside and outside the shop floors. This movement makes the shop floors very dirty and hence heavy-duty industrial scrubber dryers are required and C Series models – C85B, C100 B, C130BS are the solutions.

Comac has developed and innovated its C Series of Industrial ride-on Scrubber dryer which can solve the following problems:

  • Cleaning of large floor areas more than 15,000 sq m.
  • The floors are very dirty & soiled.
  • Walk behind /entry level ride on scrubber dryer machines are not able to clean the shop floors efficiently.
  • There is oil & muck on the floor.
  • Heavily soiled floors caused by movement of forklifts, pallet trucks, etc.
  • Heavy usage of water and chemicals.

The above challenges are quite pertinent and omnipresent in heavy industries like cement, power, steel plants, automotive component manufacturing industries, etc.


The C-series machine models can solve all of the above mentioned problems because they are designed and developed with following features:

  • Large scrubbing width and larger tank capacities ranging from 200-300 litres, which enables the machine to cover large areas and have productivity of about 8000 sq m/hr. The machine can clean up to 30,000 sq m in 4 hrs of working operation.
  • The brush can be monitored and adjusted up to 150 kg depending on the level of dust/soil. It means the machine can take off any type of dirt and in any environment.
  • Robust and heavy design suitable for heavy industries with safety & reliability features like:
  • Front motor wheel in AC with anti-skid and anti-mark wheel to ensure maximum adherence on any type of floor.
  • Hydraulic brake which acts on rear wheel for safety and comfort during work.
  • Electric brake that functions as parking brake
  • New drive system with high efficiency completely hemetric brushless type motors.
  • Splash guard, squeegee and squeegee support are made of aluminium.

C Series Ride on Industrial Scrubber dryer (C 85, C85BS, C100, C130B)

  • Steel frame made with cataphoresis paint capable of conferring considerable resistance to corrosion
  • Continuous sensor positioned on the steering axis that recognizes the exact position of the front motor wheel, automatically reducing speed as needed, also allowing the C85 to advance smoothly and without voids
  • Translating washing base: by pressing a simple command the base comes out to the right to reach the dirt deposited flush with the wall
  • C85 BS is equipped with a sweeping scrubbing base: particularly suitable for washing uneven floors or in the presence of small solid debris. The side brush is available as an option.
  • Safety button to immediately stop the machine and all active functions in an emergency
  • ECO Mode: pressing a single button lowers the noise level, reduces consumption and increases the autonomy of the scrubbing machine
  • CDS – Comac Dosing System: the system that allows water and detergent to be dosed separately
  • CSF – Constant solution flow: the distribution system that guarantees the correct dispensing of the solution on both disc brushes, improving effectiveness even in the case of low flow rates
  • PM – Pressure Monitoring: the pressure control system on the brushes
  • IPM – Intelligent Pressure Monitoring: the Bright configuration can be equipped with this sensor capable of providing a constant and accurate measurement of the pressure exerted on the brushes
  • FFS – Fast Filling System: system to quickly fill the clean water tank even without operator supervision. When the tank is full, the water flow stops automatically.
  • Stop & Go: in the event of momentary stops of the machine, the dispensing of the solution is interrupted and the brushes stop in order to optimize consumption and reduce waste
  • CFC – Comac Fleet Care: fleet management system that allows you to remotely check the health of the machines
  • ST – Spray Tool: spray gun for effective cleaning even in areas where the washer-dryer cannot reach and for cleaning the tanks
  • ST – Suction Tool: suction lance for effective cleaning even in areas where the washer-dryer cannot reach
  • CED – Comac Electrostatic Disinfector: thanks to this technology, the scrubbing machine can wash, dry and at the same time nebulize a sanitizing solution
  • Work program selector: you can manually choose the type of activity you want to perform
  • Standard front and rear LED headlights to ensure maximum visibility


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