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Filmop International SRL – Multipurpose Trolley

With cost-efficient dosing system

Filmops’s Alpha 5806709 is a multipurpose trolley used for waste collection, wet mopping and disinfection. It guarantees the maximum level of hygiene; components are made of high-intensity polypropylene that makes them easy to clean while the non-porous surfaces do not absorb dirt.

The trolley can be equipped with Equodose, a mechanical dosing device that allows soaking mops on demand, dosing the cleaning solution from 50 to 350 ml depending on the surface to be cleaned. Equodose reduces the working time and the cost of preparing mops compared to preventive pre-soaking operations. Moreover, it minimizes environmental impact as compared with traditional wet mopping systems. It allows soaking just the mops you need and only the side of the mop that gets in contact with the floor, thus saving water and chemicals.


  • Product partly made with PSV certified plastic components.
  • Strong, tough, ergonomic, modular, easy to assemble and clean.
  • Bag holder (2×75 l) for the collection of dirty mops and cloths, equipped with ergonomic push-bar, handle supports and hook.
  • Door for central storage compartment equipped with removable key and grip with key compartment.
  • Equodose dosing system for soaking mops on demand directly on site.
  • 20 l Top-Down bucket with hermetic cover and handle for the transport of clean mops.
  • 4 L buckets in different colours to separate the different chemical solutions, tools, and cleaning equipment in use.


  • Hospitals, clinics, medical practices, and rest homes.
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