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Fagor, a leading manufacturer of laundry equipment supplied by Global Solutions in India, will be displaying a range of products

Model: Wet Cleaning Compact Series


A new range of professional laundry products for small installations that perform like industrial laundry machines. Uses KARE Generations Washer Technology. Equipped with the most advanced technology in water and energy saving systems. It is user-friendly and intuitive programming is suitable for all types of laundries, dry-cleaners, selfservice and commercial or industrial laundries, hospitals and care homes. The Water Recovery System offer up to 70% savings on water. Also mean big savings on chemical products thanks to reuse of the reclaimed water, as well as considerable energy savings with hot water reuse from previous phases of the wash cycle.

Barrier Washers for Healthcare & Pharma:

Latest technology for better hygiene and infection control to prevent cross contamination for hospital acquired infections with two-door facility for loading on dirty side and unloading on the clean side with advance programming standards and outstanding features; considering both efficiency and ergonomics along with laundry management programs specially for maintenance and better control in healthcare laundry.

Green Evolution Plus Dryers:

Dryers with latest technology, savings and safety in terms of heating (Gas, Steam & Electric) and high production rate for better savings and results along with humidity sensors for better quality for linen and garment and shelf life.

Flatwork Ironers Compact & Wall:

New flatwork ironers, models with length-fold, crossfold and stacker and the choice of rear or front delivery. Efficient, time-saving and easy operation.

Finishing Equipment:

Wide range of appliances for ironing clothing (trousers, shirts, gowns…) from simple finishing tables for small quantities to pneumatic presses for medium-sized production and spotting tables. Steam cabins for large production, highly suited for hospital linen and uniforms.

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