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Facility services for Luxury apartments

The cost of maintenance of premium apartments is hitting the roof. Residents living in some of the premium apartments in Mumbai and Gurgaon pay huge amount as maintenance fees for all the facilities bundled in with their apartments.

Maintenance charges at the Imperial, a residential building in Tardeo in South Mumbai is 1.5 lakh per month for a 10,000sqft apartment. Even smaller apartments of 2,550sqft have monthly charges of 16 per sqft.

These high rises are setting new standards in terms of luxury they provide. Some of the services provided include concierge services, air conditioned apartments, large private swimming pools and restaurants. The residents of these uber luxury apartments are high net individuals who do not mind paying up for living in the lap of luxury.

To maintain these large projects, the housing societies are hiring facility management companies. The professionally delivered services by the FM companies is seen as a necessity to have positive impact on the business as the quality of services and facilities is crucial for someone buying such luxury apartments.


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