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Charnock Equipments Pvt. Ltd offers Elite-Silent is a self-contained extractor for carpet and hard floor with manual traction. It washes, brushes and dries a stripe of 50cm to 500sqm of carpet in one hour. Its three-stage high-water lift vacuum system allows to remove maximum dirt with the shortest drying time.

Elite-Silent is a silent machine, as it works with 60 decibels only. It is possible to adjust the brush and vacuum head pressure, according to the type of carpet. The water-flow can be regulated, for a maintenance lowmoisture cleaning or for a deep-cleaning restoration.

Elite-Silent can be equipped with the instant hot water unit HT1800. The patented SMARTKIT system, enables automatic chemical dosing and carpet pre-spraying & rinsing. The optional squeegee SQ720E allows to clean hard floor. An extra brush, specific for hard floor cleaning, is also available.

Applications: cleaning companies, hotels, conference halls, restaurants, clubs, pubs, offices, banks, shops, cinemas, theatres, ferry boats, ships, airports, fitness centres, school, universities, shopping centres, places of worship and all places with large or middle-sized surfaces of carpet.


• The machine moves forward without effort, thanks to the propelling action of the rotating brush. The brush is powerful and reliable, and allows deep cleaning • The sprung vacuum head allows the best suction also in case of uneven floor
• Possibility to adjust the height of the rotating brush according to the kind of carpet or floor and also according to the dirt degree
• Brush motor with thermal protection against overload (useful in case of a wrong regulation of the brush height)
• With the optional vacuum tool NS270TURBODUST, it is possible to vacuum dust before cleaning, with the same machine

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