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Experience the Latest Technologies & Solutions for Cleaning, Waste, Laundry & Car Care

In a world of fast developing technologies and innovations, it would not be wrong to say that the processes we had engaged for cleaning, washing or managing waste just yesterday are not the same today. While products are getting upgraded, there are newer solutions being introduced to simplify processes providing quality results, faster completion of task and above all curtailing costs with intelligent investments. The four Expo – Clean India Pulire, Waste Technology India, Laundrex India and Car Care – to be held at the Bombay Exhibition Center from January 18 to 20, 2018, will be showing some amazing innovations and new products for almost every application in every industry and institution. Clean India Journal analyses some of these technologies that will be on display at the Expos

Why is it important to ensure to be at the 15th edition of Clean India Pulire, Asia’s largest expo on cleaning technology and hygiene solutions or an expo on Waste Technology or India’s only expo dedicated exclusively to laundry and dry cleaning – Laundrex India – on car wash and detailing – Car Care Expo?

“We need to upgrade and know what are the new innovations that are available in the market,” say majority of the expected visitors who have already registered for the show. As we go in for newer models of mobile phones with newer features, we also need to look for improved versions of vacuum cleaners, scrubber dryers, high pressure jets, road sweepers, flippers, dust collectors, compactors, odour diffusers, hand-wash, detergents, surface cleaners, stain removers, whiteners, ironers, car wash or for that matter simple wipes.

Speaking of cleaning equipment, for years the R&D of manufacturers have been coming with cable-free battery operated machines that can run for a longer time, lesser recharge time and lasting battery life. The new lithium ion battery in a cleaning equipment delivers the same power as a mains operated machine! The energy-savings with the eco efficiency mode requires less power consumption and the run time is doubled.

These machines are convenient for use in hotels, hospitals, open areas, airports, malls, corporate offices, schools, colleges and similar spaces.

A few years back it was so common with end-users to pick up machines from international manufacturers but today, we not only have Indian manufacturers making products for international companies but also have products for both export and Indian markets. A few of the international companies that have tied up with local partners are supplying international machines ‘Made in India’.

It is not just in vacuums and scrubbers, innovations in sweepers are equally interesting. What about battery-operated ride-on sweepers! This is important for professional use as the performance of area/hr is about 30% higher than that of a walk-behind sweeper with the same working width.

There are a variety of new additions and upgradations that have gone into sweepers. How about having detachable additional brushes or multiple-catch pans facilitating removal of dirt and transport of the full container for emptying? Or riding on a street sweeper which is as sleek as a golf van with a hood, hopper and a trailer? At the same time, these machines are sturdy on concrete/ asphalt/bitumen floors, public roads and large open spaces.

Road sweeping is one topic that has been long disputed with crores of rupees being spent on procuring large machines that are lying in the backyard of many corporations in India. At one of the Clean India shows held in New Delhi, the then chief minister Sheila Dixit who spent a sizable amount of time visiting each stall, had pointed out to a road sweeper which did not go well on the roads of Delhi. In the last six years, these very machines have been customised and improvised to suit the Indian road requirements.

On the other hand, associates of Municipal Corporations that go for the humble broom to clear the streets, can opt for a walk-behind sweeper instead. With two centre brushes and minimum area coverage of 2000 to 4000sqm per person and no fuel, it is probably the best solution for keeping streets clean always. In an age of modern technology, we can give the cleaning vendors better tools to sweep effortlessly rather than toil in the heat and push the dust with aching arms with a straw broom.

Dual purpose sweepers that work both indoors and outdoors in manufacturing facilities, railways, warehouses, etc., have been improvised and are made heavy duty to suit rugged applications.

The unique part of each machine that will go on display is that many of the finer details like in-built tanks with increased capacity, water tank material to prevent leaks, suitable for narrow spaces & highly furnished areas, silent working, etc., have been specifically altered.

Another important surface that has required more R&D in terms of cleaning and quality results is carpet cleaning. Right from heavy duty agitators to vacuums to shampooing and then the waiting time for it to dry… the foul smell over improper drying, germs, spills, stains… the options of solutions innovated have been many. With bio- and green chemicals now being more preferred, enzyme based solutions do wonders on carpets. Just a sprinkle on the stain and within minutes it disappears. In fact, some of the innovations have done away with the need for agitation or even shampooing. That definitely will smoothen the working of facility managers across different properties.

If one looks at the innovations in car wash and car care systems and solutions, the progress has been rapid, dynamic, cost-effective, simple and effective. Who would now want to use a bucket a water to wash their cars every morning when an auto car wash system can do it in less than three minutes with the added advantage of damage-free and clean results?

Not just for cars but buses and railway coaches too can get a wash down in minutes with Made in India vehicle wash system; thus, giving more than eight and half million commuters a cleaner, safer and healthier experience. One of the complaints vehicle owners have sighted with these vehicle wash systems is the high consumption of water. Well, here again innovation has played a saving role with water recycling systems attached to the car wash or r a waterless wash system! At the same time, car washers have raised objection over using recycled water for under vehicle washing. Here again, a RO system will eliminate the chances of odour emission with recycled water.

Speaking of car detailing, with nano technology being largely used in products, a coating on the car keeps away dust and germs from the surface.

This is one expo which has caught the attention of start-ups and many car care parlours are coming up across India. Moreover, with large residential complexes, builders and architects can look at putting up car spas or car wash facilities within the premises.

Couple of years back, the Goa Corporation came to the show looking for a solution for stinking garbage bins across the streets of the State. Largely emitting from the staple food waste – fish. Most of the time, we resort to spraying fragrance for temporary relief. Odour neutralizers that do not just mask but eliminate the source of odour-causing gases are an ideal solution not only for stinking garbage but also for urinals, carpets, washrooms and so on. This can be used at waste recycling plants and other waste related areas.

Hotels, offices, cars… go for fresh smelling fragrances to retain the ambience. Non-aerosol based solutions, natural oxygen based solutions, and signature perfumes will be on display at the show.

Innovative products that gives a burst of fragrance when the fabric is in use for at least two weeks will be a major attraction for hotels across the board. Further, this fragrance in the laundered fabric will remain stable through the tumble dry and ironing process. Malodour control products that has been introduced for laundry has antimicrobial properties; thus, making the linen hygienic and bacteria-free.

New launches in laundry chemicals, especially green-certified products for hospitals, hotels, laundromats, railways, uniforms… give new choices to try out.

These and many more… over 380 brands from 150 exhibitors.

Alongside, the four expos, all three days will have conferences. The schedule of the same are published from page 28 to 31. The respective show websites: www.cleanindiapulire.com; www.wasteexpoindia.com; www.laundrexindiaexpo.com and www.carcareexpo.in also has the registration details for the conference.

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