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Exclusive Meetings with Industry Associations

Clean India Team had exclusive meetings with the board members of Gujarat Dyestuff Manufacturers’ Association and Gujarat State Plastic Manufacturers’ Association, which are supporting the Clean India Show.

In an attempt to understand the specific cleaning requirements pertaining to dyestuff and plastic manufacturing industries, Clean India team interacted with the board members at their association offices in Ahmedabad. Unlike chemicals and other similar industries, dyestuff manufacturers face unique cleaning problems. “Anybody entering the manufacturing unit, walks out multi-coloured at the end of the day,” said Mahesh Desai, President, Gujarat Dyestuff Manufacturers’ Association. The association has been constantly working towards clean and green environment. “We have installed effluent treatment plant to meet the pollution control board requirement. However, the dust levels within the plant are high and we are looking at appropriate solutions,” he added.

The manufacturing process involves hazardous ingredients besides colour and most of the units have coloured surfaces requiring specific cleaning solutions.

“We would want to know the solutions available so that we can enlighten our members. We can have first-hand experience of the various cleaning machines at the Clean India Show.” Clean India Journal will be featuring exclusive articles on cleaning solutions for dyestuff industries in the coming months. The Association has over 1000 members.

More than 20 board members of Gujarat State Plastic Manufacturers’ Association listened to a special brief session on the forthcoming Clean India Show. Having understood the need for best cleaning practices, many of the manufacturers are looking at adopting cleaning solutions. There are companies that have applied for ISO Certification and believe in standard practices.

GSPMA has partnered with Clean India in the previous show and will be informing all its members to visit the show. The Association has over 2000 members.




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