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The Travelator Cleaner.nl, developed by Baudoin Wash Systems b.v., is the newest and most innovative solution to clean more than thousand kilometres of travelator glass all over the world. “We are overwhelmed with the response we have received for this machine. By winning this award we have opened up a whole new level of cleaning machines to the market,” said Bart de Bonth, Sales Manager, Baudoin.

The travelator cleaner is most suitable for the newly built large airports and shopping malls. “It is an ideal solution as it saves loads of time in comparison to manually cleaning thousands of kilometres of dirty, difficult to clean and busy travelators at airports, subways and holiday parks” he added. The travelator cleaner is a compact, easy to use machine and it also saves 60-70% of time compared to the current way of working by hand.

“Apart from the travelator cleaner,” said George Oommen, Managing Director, Excel International, “we will be launching the main product range of Baudoin in the Indian market. This will include the Indoor clean pole system, Outdoor clean pole system and Water Filtration unit for pure water that can be used as a cleaning medium with the pole systems.”

Baudoin are pioneers in the field of indoor and outdoor washing systems using only pure water and no chemicals. The Aqua force pure water filtration system filters tap water by means of seven different filters to eliminate 99% of contaminants such as existing minerals, lime metals and bacteria to achieve pure water which is used as the only medium for cleaning. These filter units are available in permanent as well as mobile units with varying capacities from 100 to 2000 litres per hour.

“In the traditional way of cleaning façade, using an applicator-squeegee-chemicals method, the detergent residue left behind on the glass surface attracts more dust particles. While with purified water, no residue is left behind and the glass remains clean and streak free for a longer period of time.”

This purified water can be fed into the Carbo clean pole wash system for outdoor cleaning and the indoor pole system. The 1.7m long ergonomically shaped carbon pole can be extended with another eleven poles to reach a height of 18.5m. The pole is light weight and can weigh up to 4.3kg when extended. The system has wide range of accessories and brushes to reach difficult areas. It is also a suitable tool which suits all climates. In cold climates, the water could be heated up to 60oC using the heating systems – Aqua Heating. The entire system consists of Aqua force filtration unit, storage tanks for pure water, the outdoor cleaning poles and hose reels. This system can be fitted inside commercial vehicles like vans, trailers and wagons or permanently installed inside the buildings. Thus, this system does away the need for scaffoldings and cradles for façade cleaning.

The cleaning system is ideal for cleaning glass installations and other smooth surfaces in buildings, facades, atriums, boats, aircrafts, hoardings and sign boards. With these range of products being launched in India, said George Oommen, “We are looking at established business group with well structured sales network throughout India to represent these products that are not only innovative but also economic and eco friendly which is the need of the hour.”

Excel International Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai is the main distributor for Baudoin Wash Systems for the Middle East and India. In India, Excel is based out of Kochi in Kerala.

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