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Eureka Forbes enters Limca Book of Records

Eureka Forbes has recently entered the prestigious Limca Book of Records under the title of ‘The Biggest Corporate Flag Personalised’. The company had created a gigantic 40×10 foot personalised and India’s largest corporate flag named ‘The Flag of Happiness and Friendship’.

This activity was a part of Eureka Forbes SMART Convention, company’s Annual Conference, held in April in Pune. The activity revolved around putting together a huge corporate flag out of 450-500 smaller flags creatively personalized with the individual dreams of the Eurochamps (a name given to Eureka Forbes’ employees) for their company. All Eurochamps wrote their names, messages, dreams and expectations about Eureka Forbes on these pieces of cloth which were later stitched together to form one big flag. Over 450 Eureka Forbes employees participated in the activity demonstrating the spirit of togetherness and bring about the awareness about EFL’s relationship with their employees and stakeholders.

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