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EUnited Cleaning joins hands with Clean India Pulire 2013

(From left) MD of Afidamp Servizi Toni D'Andrea, MD of Virtual Info Systems JP Nair, MD of RCM and Vice-President of EUnited Cleaning Riccardo Raimondi, Deputy CEO of Karcher, President of EUnited Markus Asch and MD of EUnited Cleaning Dr Peter Hug.

Virtual Info Systems Pvt Ltd (VIS), India and Afidamp Servizi srl, Italy, the organisers of Clean India Pulire, have joined hands with EUnited Cleaning for the 10th edition of the Clean India Show — Clean India Pulire 2013 — to be held from December 5 to 7 at Mumbai, India. The agreement was signed by MD of VIS JP Nair, MD of Afidamp Servizi Toni D’Andrea, MD of EUnited Cleaning Dr Peter Hug, Deputy CEO of Karcher & President of EUnited Markus Asch and MD of RCM & Vice President of EUnited Cleaning Riccardo Raimondi.

The Clean India Shows have been growing over the years and with the global cleaning industry looking at newer markets, India has been providing major business opportunities. “The Clean India shows are a gateway to the Indian market and the forthcoming Clean India Pulire Show gains all the more significance as it is the 10th edition of the Show and we are working towards bringing in new visitor segments this time at the Show,” said JP Nair at Verona following the deal.

Peter Hug said, “The target of our initiative is to give a guideline to international exhibitors on the major shows in the relevant markets around the globe. Our co-operation aims to support the selected shows in their marketing efforts and work together with the organizers to improve the concepts of the shows in order to facilitate the utmost service to both exhibitors and visitors.”

“The Clean India Pulire show helps boost the image of the cleaning sector and is a great platform to meet business partners. In its complexity, the Indian cleaning market shows a high growth potential; but needs a sophisticated approach. Clean India Pulire has been proving successful in not only understanding the complexity of the market, but also in bringing together the exhibitors on a future-oriented concept,” added Markus Asch.

“India is one of the most interesting markets for international suppliers of cleaning solutions,” said Riccardo Raimondi.

EUntited Cleaning, a European cleaning machines association, has members from leading European manufacturers of cleaning systems for commercial and Industrial use.


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