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ETP-Installation, a must for hospitals in Nagpur

In a major development, all hospitals in Nagpur having 100 or more beds, now would have to compulsorily construct effluent treatment plant (ETP). In a directive issued to hospitals, Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) has made setting up sewage system or ETP mandatory. The water in hospitals and nursing homes, instead of getting wasted, must be treated and recycled for different applications including cleaning the hospital premises, toilets for flushing and in the gardens.

According to the MPCB directive, recycling of water will ease the scarcity of water currently faced by all in the city, including the hospitals, clinics and allied services. Nearly 85% of the water used in various processes in hospitals can be recycled after treating it. Treated water is safer and less prone to any infections.

Water treated in the ETP’s can remove almost 99% of all impurities, contaminants, physical, chemical and biological from the waste water. If the wastewater is ozonised, it will partially oxidize bio-organism and other organic elements into smaller bio-degradable molecules. These molecules, in turn, can be removed from water through filtration.

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