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Essity Hygiene & Health AB – Mini Dispenser

Enhance the washroom experience without compromising on capacity

Essity Hygiene’s Tork PeakServe serves washrooms with different traffic flows, layouts and sizes with the same refill. It is now also available as a mini dispenser, enabling you to meet the needs of your entire facility with the same refill. This reduces the number of products your staff needs to handle and store, and with the dispensers’ slim design, you can enhance the washroom experience without compromising on capacity.


  • Bundles are loaded from underneath for fast refilling at any time. Continuous bundles latch together as bundles are loaded
  • Bundles are compressed by 50% giving up to 2,100 towels per dispenser
  • Bundles dispense without interruption one towel at a time
  • Increase efficiency by using the same refill across the entire facility
  • Dispenser stays slim yet has 35% more capacity than other products on the market
  • Double the towels you can carry as they’re compressed by 50%
  • Cut refill time in half with up to 2100 towels per dispenser
  • Patented continuous towel system
  • Lower consumption thanks to one-at-a-time dispensing
  • Fewer transports with smaller bundles makes lesser environmental impact
  • Store more towels on the cart, save storage space


  • Fast dispensing – serves in 3 seconds
  • High capacity – up to 2100 towels (full size dispenser)
  • Top up in use – refill at your convenience
  • Fast and easy to refill – twice as fast
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