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It is essent

ial for every housekeeper to gain leverage by learning to lead. Studies on what it takes to become a leader have classified the learnings into three broad categories. They pertained to what the researchers called the three worlds. In his book ‘When the Penny Drops’, Gopalakrishnan has written extensively on this… The first one is the inner world. It is about lessons relating to the person, including strengths and weaknesses. The second and third worlds are the external worlds: the world of getting things done and the world of relationships with others.

In an interesting spin-off on this concept, we address the world of getting things done i.e. Process. This is reflected in the analysis of tasks to create Standard Operating Procedures and implementing them to ensure productivity. Following this is the aspect of the inner world relating to People where the importance of creating good impressions is vital. In the final segment we focus on the external world of relationships with others – People to People. Routine operations of the Housekeeping department demands co-operation and co-ordination with departments whose functions radically affect the rooms division. Finally, the most important element that reigns over all of these is effective communication.

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