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ESG driving business interest

Over the years, the focus of organisations has broadened from only making profits to behaving as an entity that has a long-term commitment to society in general, and the environment in particular. This paradigm shift has caused everyone to assess business from the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) perspective; all responsible companies are concerned with the risks posed by climate change, environmental management practices, working conditions, health and safety of people and so on. Rather than just a regulatory norm, ESG is believed to add value to a business.

The built environment accounts for a sizable portion of global carbon emissions, and FM is poised to curb this. The asset value of an ESG compliant business is relatively higher. Occupiers tend to prefer landlords who are committed to sustainability goals. Sustainable companies also tend to get a better rate and more investment from financial institutions, which include ESG in their due diligence process. Suddenly, ESG is driving business interests.

With the theme of this year’s World Facilities Management Day being ‘Leading a Sustainable Future’, we decided to ask end-users, service providers and equipment manufacturers about how they are stepping up for sustainability. From installing water meters to introducing taxi bots on airport runways, investing heavily in solar power to redesigning cleaning machines for lower emissions, we feature a gamut of sustainable alternatives for facility managers everywhere to adopt.

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