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Escalator / Travellator Cleaner

Escalators and travellators are common in high traffic places like airports, railway stations, malls, supermarkets and others. How to keep them neat and tidy? How fast it should be cleaned? How to reduce the cost of maintenance?… Roots Multiclean Ltd has indigenously developed Roots E4550 ES for cleaning escalators and travellators’ (moving sidewalks) effortlessly. It is a powerful, easy to operate with effective cleaning performance and designed suit customer needs.


• Robust in construction
• Counter-rotating brushes – Specially designed for effective cleaning and removal of dust and debris
• Stainless Steel Brush Head- Brush head made completely made up of stainless steel of grade SS304 which is a noncorrosive material
• Rotating brush head- Makes cleaning from both sides of the escalator (either from the bottom or from the top) easy and effective
• Safety lock- Locking the machine when idle, secures the machine and allows the operator to carry other work un-bothered
• Anti- Bacterial Tank- The Tank is made up of Anti-bacterial material which minimizes bacterial content to a negligible amount
• Non-corrosive, robust rotomould tanks with high resistance to damage
• Provided with accessories to clean risers
• Both Wet and dry or simultaneous wet and dry is cleaning possible
• User-friendly

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