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• Columbus’ Escalator Cleaning Machine Step 100 is suitable for wet cleaning of treads and risers in one shot process – horizontally and vertically simultaneously  without interfering with the escalator controls. Uniclean Equipments Pvt Ltd represents Columbus in India


Dimensions (wxlxh):
Rated current (total): 2650W
Operating weight: 164kg


Working width: 520mm
Number: 15 + 1


Low pressure max.: 300mbar


Solution tank: 20lt
Recovery tank: 20lt


Step height min: 185mm
Step height max: 235mm
Base cleaning per step: 27s
Normal cleaning per step: 15s
Intensive cleaning per step: 39


  • Cleaning of the steps in the installed condition simply while the escalator is switched off.
  • Increased ease of use through fixed cleaning operation settings
  • Economical use of water and chemicals
  • Easy portability and operable by one person
  • Designed and made in Germany
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