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Enzymatic urinal screen for odour control

With splash-reducing lattice and replacement reminders

Save water, preserve drains, and keep restrooms spotless and odour-free to take a little step towards sustainability with the 3-in-1 protection of Think Hygiene’s fresh Wave Urinal screen. Help make your workforce happier and more productive by keeping your restrooms smelling fresh.

The enzymatic urinal screen has a patented design that installs correctly every time. Wave 3D urinal screen releases beneficial enzymatic bacteria to reduce odour over 30 days.

Splash-reducing lattice is supported by a network of posts that protect the drain and eliminate 99% of splashback. Pull-off date tabs remind the user when to replace the product.

Product Code: CIJ 5/19-1366
Email: enquiry@virtualinfo.in
Call: +91 22 6140 4111

Patented Performance T1, T2
Lasts 30 days
Fresh patented fragrance load with 3X more fragrance
Waterless Screens  
When urine or any other liquid passes through the screens, an enzyme is released, aiding in the maintenance of the drainage.
 A non-toxic air-freshening substance keeps the drain clear and eliminates odours in the restroom.
Replacement Reminders T3
Reminder tabs make it easy to remember when to change out the screen
Tabs along top and bottom edges of screen
Pull off the week and month tab that corresponds to 30 days from installation
Beneficial Bacteria T4
Releases billions of beneficial bacteria that consume odours. Helps keep drains clean, clear and smelling fresh
Dual-Sided Splash Control T5
Unique two-sided design
Eliminates 99% of splash back on both sides
Easy to install – simply place over urinal drain
Installs correctly every time T6
Unique design eliminates installation error and installs both ways without sacrificing splash reducing performance
Sustainability T7
All urinal screens contain recycled material, most of the air freshener refills are 100% recyclable, and the liquids are non-toxic and biodegradable. The company also offers the industry’s only closed-loop recycling program.
Fragrance options to choose from: T8
Mango: Orange colour
Kiwi-grape fruit: Dark red colour
Honey-suckle: White colour
Cucumber melon: Light green colour



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