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Enhancing cleaning efficiency in restaurants

Restaurants are expected to be meticulously clean at all times and are also regularly inspected by the authorities for general cleanliness and hygiene. When it comes to cleaning, every restaurant has its own pain areas requiring its own specific cleaning solutions.

In busy restaurants and kitchens, efficient maintenance cleaning is crucial as there is rarely enough time for time-consuming deep cleaning. More stringent cleaning and hygiene standards, increasing cost pressures and competition make things more difficult for the restaurant management.

There are machines, accessories and cleaning agents necessary to maintain stainless steel surfaces, ovens and floors in appetizingly clean condition. Restaurant floors can be best maintained with a small upright automatic micro floor scrubber instead of a mop.

A more efficient and hygienic alternative to manual mopping, a compact automatic floor scrubber is more efficient in smaller areas where a full sized automatic scrubber cannot be utilized. Kitchens, locker rooms, washrooms, restaurants, stores and offices, all can be cleaned with small machines. In a Karcher BR 30/4 C floor scrubber, the usage is simple; filling the machine with clean solution, plugging into any standard 230V wall outlet and turning on the switch to start scrubbing. A powerful roller brush aggressively scrubs the surface; dirty water is recovered by the squeegee tool and deposited into a lift-out tank for easy disposal down any sink, toilet or drain. The process does away with wet floors, slip hazards and warning signs and protective gloves.

There is a need to bring quality into cleanliness and hygiene while maintaining a food establishment. Mechanised cleaning can only provide with the required quality in cleaning. Irfan Bhat, Co-owner of Faruk’s Modern Foods, says, “We clean our establishment with twice a day with BR 30/4C before and after the opening. If required, specific places are cleaned during working times.

“The most important factor that has to be considered while selecting a floor cleaner is the type of floor to be cleaned. Different floors need different cleaning requirement. Earlier, we used to have granite and marble floorings, but the porous nature of the natural floorings is vulnerable to stains and are difficult to maintain. Now we use vitrified tiles that are a lot easy to maintain.”

The scrubber drier removes limescale and mold in joints as well. In case of a cordless model cleaning up minor mess is faster in a more accessible way without the risk of tripping.

Kärcher combines the outstanding properties of microfibers with the benefits of roller technology in the microfibre roller. With Microfibres, which are around six times thinner than a human hair, the roller can reach into the smallest openings and can easily remove even the grey patina on fine stone tiles that builds up over time. Microfibre rollers are suitable for nearly every type of floor and can achieve the best cleaning results, even on difficult surfaces such as linoleum, PVC, natural stone, tiles and synthetic resin floor surfaces.

Highlighting the deep cleaning ability of this compact and light weight machine, Usman Bhai, from Tunday Kabab in Lucknow says, “Deep cleaning the restaurant floor twice a day has become an effortless job with BR 30/4C. The concept of cleaning has changed; my staff actually volunteers to do the task as the machine has made cleaning, simple, smooth and uncomplicated”

Shillong based RB’s Bakery covering a floor area of about 4000sqft does not have a smooth surface. Maruf Elahi says, “The floor can get quite sticky and oily in course of time. Moreover, the temperature can drop quiet low, and using hot water is the only option for cleaning. The machine should be able to work using hot water. Majority of the cleaning work is done manually, but we are considering mechanised cleaning as an option.”

Irfan Bhat says, “Mechanised cleaning is preferred when the area to be cleaned exceeds 400sqft. Using Karcher’s floor scrubber allows for dual action of mopping and drying of the floor using the squeegees. This reduces the time required for cleaning the floor and the duration between cleaning and using the floor.”

Raman Kapoor from Kream N Krunch says, “Ever since we bought the BR 30/4C early this year, the cleaning is being handled by the captains themselves. Using this machine, the floors are left instantly clean, hygienic, dry and useable. It is so easy to use and it also helps in increasing the morale of the staff in cleaning tasks. Even I use it for a hassle free cleaning.”

Tony Chazhoor

National Sales Manager

Karcher Cleaning Systems Private Limited


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