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As the world moves towards digitization and instant information becomes the key to running a successful establishment, Housekeeping too looks out for a tool that would furnish real time data to Housekeepers so that the all-important decisions do not get delayed.

Kazzam is a smart software that deals with the various activities a housekeeper is responsible for and generates analysis empowering the manager with accurate data. It suggests parameters for improvement to ensure a zero defect levels and assists in cost analysis ensuring the department operates within budgets. Kazzam is a unique product that prompts need based training, highlights discrepancies in inventories, showcases room history, highlight’s the strengths and weakness of the individuals or department as a whole, tracks lost & found, generates snag lists and much more. It also helps in reward and recognition planning of the top performers and generates KRAs for individuals not only on job skills but also for the behavioral aspects thus assisting in appraisal system.

Job/ Behavioral skill set analysis – Human Sigma:A set of Job skills are defined by the management on which every team members is audited on a daily basis. The records for the same are entered into the system thus enabling self-improvement based on actual facts. Analysis of individuals or the entire department as a whole, for any period, is now just a click away. As scores are assigned for each parameter, the defined job skill parameters are now quantifiable. A similar section is created to audit and track behavioral parameters for the team.

Training needs: Kazzam analyses the audit data, for both job skills and behavioral skills, and highlights the weakest skill sets of the department. It records all training conducted and generates reports for any particular month/ period of the year. The trainings conducted can then be viewed individually of for the department to ascertain man hours conducted/ attended.

Guest Satisfaction survey tracking: “Feedback is the breakfast of Champions”, but most often than not the data for this all important guest feedback is lost, making it impossible to analyze what our patrons have said about the services of an individual team member or the room that they have stayed in. Kazzam offers the possibility of tracking this feedback and taking corrective measures.

Snag Lists: You can now audit all hardware defects in the areas and the Housekeeper can then view these snags room wise /floor wise / defect wise. It also assists in planned preventive maintenance by listing out updated records for the individual room/ floor, etc.

Cost analysis: Kazzam assists in maintaining and generating records for cleaning/ Guest supplies consumed. These records can then be analyzed to find out the cost per occupied room for supplies. This ensures that the manager is aware of the department’s financial performance and any discrepancies can be addressed immediately. It enables to keep a check on the budgeted supply cost.

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