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Empowering customers with training programs

Cleaning chemical products are powerful tools, but they must be handled with care and expertise. Without proper training, users may not fully understand the products’ properties, potential hazards, or the best practices for their application. This lack of knowledge can lead to inefficiencies, safety risks, and potentially compromised cleaning outcomes. Vanchinathan S, Head Sales – SAARC, Buzil Rossari Pvt Ltd offers insight into his organisation’s specialised training program.

Introduction: We start by providing an overview of the different types of cleaning chemicals commonly used in the industry. We explain their specific properties, applications and potential hazards.

Safety precautions: Safety is paramount when working with cleaning chemicals. We cover important safety measures, including the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), proper handling and storage procedures, and how to respond to spills or accidents.

Product knowledge: We dive deeper into the specific cleaning chemicals offered by us. We provide detailed information on each product, including its intended use, recommended dilution ratios, and any specific precautions or compatibility issues to be aware of.

Application techniques: A crucial aspect of cleaning chemical usage is understanding the proper application techniques. We demonstrate the correct procedures for using different cleaning chemicals on various surfaces, including dosages, contact time and rinsing guidelines.

Troubleshooting and best practices: We discuss common challenges that may arise during the cleaning process and provide ways to overcome them. This includes guidance on tackling stubborn stains, addressing specific cleaning requirements for different areas or materials, and maintaining equipment.

Q&A and hands-on practice: We encourage participants to ask questions and clarify any doubts they may have. Additionally, we can arrange hands-on practice sessions where participants can apply their knowledge under supervision to build confidence and proficiency.

Label interpretation: We guide and train to read and understand product labels, including hazard warnings, usage instructions, and first aid information effectively and clearly.

Environmental considerations: We ensure to educate on proper disposal methods and environmental impact of different chemicals, since this is the most important aspect as far as sustainability is concerned.

Our Chemical Product Training and Development Program stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the chemical industry. By investing in the education and professional development of individuals, we not only elevate the capabilities of the workforce and customer’s manpower but also contribute to the overall progress of the industry. Our raining program sets a new standard for comprehensive, forward-thinking training initiatives in the chemical sector.

We can provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure the team is up to date with the latest industry trends and best practices. This could include regular training refreshers, workshops or webinars to keep everyone informed and motivated. Our aim is to provide the knowledge and tools to optimise the cleaning processes, enhance efficiency, and prioritise sustainability.

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